Japanese Apple Growing Bags
133mm by 160mm
When to Apply
Bag fruit 30 - 50 days after blossoming, after natural fruit drop and manual thinning. The best time is on a fair weather day between 10 AM and 3 PM. Temperatures of 30+ C. during the first 10 days after bagging may result in some sunburn of fruit.
How to Use the Sack
First, expand the sack. Next, the young fruit is positioned by slipping the stem into the center slot of the open sack.
Gather the left side of the open bag top and lay it over the embedded wire on the right side as you prepare to wrap and twist as shown in step 3.
Use the wire embedded in the right side like a twist tie to wrap up and over the bunched left top until clasped securely. Try to keep the sack "inflated".
Gently tap the bottom of the expanded sack to appear dented or concave, this preserves the ballooned shape.
  • Please note: Don't apply the bags to wet fruit!
    • Bagging fruit that is not completely dry makes your crop highly susceptible to disease.
  • Fruit growing bags won't allow sprays to penetrate to the fruit and can't prevent damage from disease and pests which are on the fruit at the time of application.
    • Apply any chemical spray before bagging and/or after bag removal.
  • Wear gloves when bagging fruit, the bags are treated with trace amounts of Captan and TPN.
When to Remove the Bags

    It is my personal experience that many varieties of apple will ripen in the bag! These small red bags provide 38% light transmittance. That being said, the manufacturer states:

  • Early maturing varieties require just 10 - 14 days to color-up before harvest.
  • For mid-season varieties allow 15 - 20 days to color-up before harvest.
  • Late maturing varieties may require as long as 30~40 days.
Bags may be removed on cloudy or fair weather days, from around 10 AM in the morning to around 3 PM in the afternoon.
How to Remove the Bags
Grasp fruit bag with both hands, separating along the perforation.
Raise both ends of the sack to open and remove.
Important Safety Notes for Usage
After touching bags, please wash hands thoroughly.
Never grip the fruit growing bags with your mouth.
The embedded wire can cause injury, so please work carefully.
Important Safety Notes for Storage and Handling
Please keep bags out of the reach of children.
Store away from direct sunlight, in a cool dark place.
These bags were designed specifically for growing apples.
The bags are combustible, do not store or use near open flame.

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